About This Blog and FAQ

This blog was started in October 2015 by me. It actually started as a challenge to “mark the year”. So really, you have my parents to thank for this. I had been interested in woodworking and metalworking for quite some time, but it was then that I decided to put down my accomplishments.

 What do I publish on this blog?

Nothing specific. I, like many others, and indeed like you (probably), have many hobbies and interests. I don’t want this blog to be only woodworking, or solely metalworking, or otherwise confined to one subject. That simply doesn’t interest me. I realize that many come for only one subject, but I quite frankly can’t be bothered to maintain multiple blogs for what I do.

What tools do I use?

Not many. In my posts, the most common tools are:

  • Hacksaw
  • Rip/Wood saw
  • Drill
  • Files
  • Rasp

That’s about it. I believe that the best way to get people motivated enough to get out into the shop and just make something is to set an example. Many woodworking (etc.) videos on YouTube make it seem like to get started, you need a table saw, at the very least. The fact that “limited tools” is a thing that very few woodworkers do (with the notable exception of Steve Ramsey, who I highly recommend you go check out), not to mention that it seems like you still need at least a jigsaw, is just more evidence that the norm is power tools. My goal is to trod all over that norm. Do I still use a drill? Yes. But I believe that a drill is one of the most useful power tools you will ever own. Even then, I still use my hand-drill quite frequently. As for metalworking, I think that everything I have just said still applies. Not convinced? Go check out Aaron Gough’s earlier videos on YouTube.

In the future, I hope to add more questions and answers here, depending on which ones are most common.

God bless, and I will see you (at least figuratively!) in the next post.