G-Shock Restoration

Ok, so this may be one of my dumbest ideas yet, but here we go.

This project – though it can hardly even be called that – started because of one simple problem: my G-Shock watch, which I have worn nearly every day since I got it in September of 2015 on my 13th birthday, is currently in the late stages of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. Ok, not really, but the resin band isn’t faring too well.



Yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, that metal rod isn’t supposed to be popping out like my shoulder on a bad day. I need a new band. However, I can’t really wear this watch in the meantime, which is why I’ve constructed the best and/or worst (perhaps both?) watch innovation of this century. I started by removing the watch bands. This is easy enough with a kit of small hex screwdrivers. I got mine in a cheap set of tiny screwdrivers from the dollar store.



Next, I threaded a kite string a few times through the hole where the bands used to attach, then tied it off.


And behold! I have created (drumroll please) a… pocket-watch…?



I don’t know which is worse: the fact that this exists, or the fact that it works. You see, the thing is, since I bought my other pocket-watch, I’ve been wishing it had the features of my wristwatch (backlight, glowy hands, date, etc). So now it does! If only it had the characteristic spring-powered front cover… Oh well, that’s it for this time, so God bless, and I’ll see you next time!


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