How To Make a Knife Sharpener

If you’re like me (which, for your sake, I hope you are not), you own and frequently use knives. Now, that’s all well and good, but what happens when your much-loved-but-somewhat-uncared-for knife needs a sharpening? After all, you can’t do anything with a dull blade. Well, you could just go out and buy a knife sharpener, but where’s the fun in that? How about making your own? Now there’s a worthy challenge!

All you really need for this one is:
• Sandpaper (I used 220- and 400-grit, but you can get away with just one sheet of 320)
• Duct tape
• A flat surface (I used a wooden counter-top, but you could use anything, really. The sharper the edge of the surface, though, the easier it will be to get to the plunge-line and sharpen the whole blade. If you have a random old window-pane lying around, now’s the time to put it to use)

The directions are surprisingly straightforward with this one. First, cut your sheet of  sandpaper into quarters.


Next, fold an edge over. This is just so you can use the edge of the counter as a more aggressive abrasive, so you don’t have to fold a lot. Just make sure the fold is straight.


Now, I made a mistake here. If you do this, fold the long side over. This gives you more room to sharpen, and you waste less sandpaper.

Next, just tape the sandpaper to your work-surface like this:


And that’s it! Oh wait, one more thing: if you do this, make sure to tape them separately, and tape the bottom too. You can see in the picture I left it loose. Don’t. It’ll make your life easier.

So just to recap, do everything like I said, except make the fold on the long side, tape the two sandpapers separately, and tape the bottoms as well.

Also, if you can, try to make the sandpaper as tight as you can; that is, stretch it so that it likes taut against your work-surface. This will just make it easier to sharpen your blade.

So, how to use it? Well, the 220 is for really dull blades. So dull that they can’t cut anything. You probably have at least 3 just lying around because you’ve never gotten around to sharpening them. You monster. You should be ashamed. *ahem*

The 400 is for blade upkeep, or for honing. If you take care of your knives, you should be using the 400 way more than the 220. Oh, and be careful. If you use them right, it is uncomfortably easy to slice your finger on the knife you’re servicing.

If you’re wondering how to sharpen a knife, well, you’ve come to the wrong place. The smooth, fluid kind of motion you need to sharpen a knife is hard to convey in pictures. However, it should be easy enough to find what you need on YouTube.

So that’s it for this time (sorry for the huge delay between posts; I’ve been really lazy lately), God bless, and I will see you next time!


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