Card-Shooting Slingshots

There’s no denying it; throwing cards is cool. The idea of something as thin and light as a playing-card being able to cut an apple or burst a balloon is nothing short of fascinating. But what about us plebians who can’t throw a card with any perceptible direction or accuracy to save our lives? There’s a trick I discovered a while ago. Take a rubber band (preferably like one of these)


Now place the card in the other end of the rubber band, pinch it with your thumb and forefinger, and stretch the band.



Next, let go with the hand holding the card and flick the other hand forward. The card will fly off forward, and will not hit your hand (if you do it right). If you tilt your hand and the card 90 degrees, the card will fly like a frisbee. Now, this is all well and good, but what if you want to do the same thing with style? Do I have your attention? Good. Let’s go.

As you may have guessed from the title, this solution involves a slingshot. A small one. I started by making a prototype out of plywood. The shape doesn’t really matter, but mine is about 22 mm at the top, 65 mm top to bottom, and the gap at the top is 8 mm across. The other plank in this shot is a piece of free pallet wood.


I transferred the shape of the slingshot onto the plank, cut it out, and rounded all the corners to make it more comfortable to hold.





Now it’s time to move on to the rubber. I find that the best length is a 10 cm long and 15 mm wide strip of Theraband, but if you only have rubber bands, those work too. I cut mine out of a longer strip of Theraband that I bought off of Ebay. If you are thinking of making slingshots, Theraband is your best bet. I love it, and so does this guy. I didn’t show how to attach the bands to the slingshot, so here’s a video showing how to do it. You could add a pouch to nest the card in, but I don’t really think that’s necessary. Finally, I added a few coats of spray-lacquer, and left it to dry. IMG_2396.JPG

Here it is, finished.


To shoot it, simply follow the instructions above. So that’s it for this time! Goodbye for now, and I’ll see you in the next post. God bless!


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