Wood Tools for Wood

Hey guys! I’m BAAAAACK! So, after a long break, procrastination, and summer camp, I have some actually useful stuff for you all! Two things, actually. The first is a set of wooden vise jaw… Things. They’re actually pretty easy to make. Take your vise jaw grips, which should look something like this,

off your vise. Then cut two blocks of wood roughly the same size and width (or just what you have lying around) and drill holes for the original mounting screws. You should have one hole just slightly larger than your screws going all the way through the wood, and one larger than the screw head going about halfway. Then screw your new jaw grips in, and you’re done! Tah-dah!

The second is slightly more complex. This is a vertical screw-vise for holding pieces where you need to shape the sides, like wooden knife handles. Start with whatever size you want to make your vise (I made mine the same length as my vise, and about 3″ wide). Then cut two pieces the same size and screw on a smaller piece to hold in the vise, or if you have two different thicknesses of wood (pallet wood is good for this; you can use the slats as the thin piece, and the thick crossbeams as the thick part), use the thicker one and cut two notches out of it. All that matters is that the thicker one has a “t” shape.

Now screw the thin piece to the thick piece with four screws, like this.

And here you see it doing what it was made for: holding knife handles horizontally, so I can radius the profiles. Honestly, I don’t know why it took me so long to think of this. It could do with some tweaking, but the overall design is sound. If you choose to make one, please send pictures!

So that’s all for now! God bless!


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