More Unicycle Repairs

Hello all! So, this week I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think of something to post or do. Fortunately, today something presented itself. My unicycle broke. Again. In the same place. Turns out, the epoxy did naught but delay the inevitable. Here’s how I fixed the problem: I started by drilling a hole in the arm, where the pedal screws in.

Then I put the pedal in and drilled that. I did get through, but I think I broke my bit. 

I moved to another bit to enlarge the hole to the right size, then hammered a piece of rod stock (from my broken dismantled printer) into the hole. It didn’t go all the way through, but it went far enough.

After many failed attempts to get it through, I gave up and just flared the end.

You can hardly see it! Inspired by this victory, I did the same for the other side. If the pedals break, I may find another way to fix it, but most likely I’ll just replace the arms. Call me lazy. 

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed, and this post gave you some ideas on how to fix things.

God bless!


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