Ongoing Projects and Lack of Productivity

These last few weeks, I haven’t gotten much done. Or rather, I haven’t gotten much finished. I’ve been working quite a lot in the garden with my dad, but the garage is turning into a graveyard for ditched projects. I have broken two bows, dismantled a printer but forgotten to photograph it, moved rocks, made handle scales, and the list goes on. This post is less a project post and more of an update; a sort of “here’s what I’m doing, just so you know I haven’t abandoned you” thing. So hopefully next week I’ll have more for you, but for now, this is all. Oh yeah, also, Grant Thomson at the King of Random also made exploding bottles. He apparently did not get the idea from me (which would have been amazing), but I guess it’s one of those projects that are just really easy to think of. The design of his is a bit different from mine, so I encourage you to go check it out here. And now for some random pictures!

Making a bow (that ultimately broke) with wood glue and fiberglass tape.

Making micarta with epoxy and gray denim.

And a small “neck knife”-esque knife made from a cutoff piece of metal I couldn’t use for anything else.

So, hope you enjoyed, God bless, and I hope for your sake I have something done next week to show you.



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