Minor Repairs And Minor Setbacks

Ho all! Again, sorry for not posting last week, but I really just didn’t have anything to post about that you’ve never seen before. However, I do now, and it involves epoxy! For those who have absolutely no idea what epoxy is, it’s basically a two part resin-and-hardener glue that hardens into a plasticky lump when cured. It sticks to more and sticks better than other glues. So, on to the project!

Some of you may know that I ride the unicycle. Unfortunately, I use my cheap EBay unicycle so much that the threads on one of the pedals have completely stripped off.

In case you can’t see, it’s the one on the bottom. So, how do I fix this? Well, here’s where the epoxy comes in. The one I have has a double piston thing, so it always gives me a 50/50 ratio of epoxy to hardener.

So, I just put some on a piece of wood and mixed it up, then smeared it on the pedals (both of them, so the other one doesn’t fall off later on).

Now, I’m working on a new knife, and I was filing the bevels on it when… my handle fell off. Great. So, I mixed up more epoxy!

Well, that’s really all I have for you this week, but if you liked the epoxy bit, here’s a series of videos that I really like, by woodworker and YouTuber Peter Brown. Enjoy, God bless, and I’ll see you next time!


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