My EDC (Everyday Carry) and Gear Review

Hello everyone! Welcome back. Remember last week, when I said, “next week, I have something special planned”? Well, I promised you something special, and I will give you something special! Mind you, it isn’t necessarily the same special thing I was thinking about, but it will have to do for this week. So, as you have (presumably) seen, this week is about my everyday carry, i.e. what is on my person every day of the week, unless it falls out of my pocket.

We’ll start with the biggest and most obvious thing: my torch (American: flashlight). It is a Rayovac…thing. Torch. Anyway, the point is, it works. This is the Rayovac LED 3AAA Mini, and it has two settings: high power, and low power. The light output is adjusted according to the setting. It also comes with a belt-mounted holder. I haven’t found anything at fault with this design, save the rubber grip, which can really get stuck in the holder, making it difficult to get out quickly. If you get one, look for one with a knurled aluminium grip instead.

Next is my pen. For you who have never seen this odd-looking thing, this is a Fisher Space Pen, Brushed Chrome Edition. It’s pretty compact and small, and writes well too. The main part is the ink refill, which is a pressurized canister. This allows the pen to write at any angle, including upside-down. The pen and canister are available on, but the canister is incredibly expensive, at nearly half the price of the pen. It’s a good pen, but not really worth it, were it not for the size: small enough to fit in a pocket, but big enough to write with comfortably.

Now, this next one I carry, not because I need to, but because if I don’t, it’ll dry out. Yes, this next one is a marker. Now, I am an impressively absentminded person, and I have ruined many a permanent marker by forgetting to replace the cap. Because of this, I made myself a deal: the next marker I got, I would keep it in my pocket, so that I wouldn’t forget the cap. And that is what I did. This is a Stanley marker, and they cost $2.40 for two. As for a review… Well, it’s a marker. What more can I say?

IMG_1701Now, I have saved the best for last. My penknife. I know, I know, It’s a “multi-tool”, or “Victorinox”, but I don’t care what you call it. All I care about is functionality. And maybe looks too. But here you are. This thing is so immensely useful I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It has quite a few tools, and I’ll go ahead and label them all.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, some words got cut off. Left to right and top to bottom cut off words and/or tools are: scissors, can opener/phillips head, small blade, and large blade. I carry this little thing all around, and it is always helpful to have something like it within arm’s reach. I use the small blade most, followed by the scissors, phillips and flat heads (but rarely the can and bottle openers), the large blade, the saw, and the can and bottle openers. I seldom use the ones on the bottom. And of course, at the top, there are the iconic Victorinox toothpick (yellow) and tweezers (gray). This knife is not too heavy (unlike the chunky Leathermans/Leathermen) and really can save time otherwise spent searching for your utility knife (I swear it was here somewhere!). I can’t tell you enough how useful this is, so let me just say it was worth the price my indulgent Aunt paid for it in Singapore. This is the Huntsman knife, available on for $40-ish CAD You should most definitely get one. You won’t regret it. Except maybe the shopping bag holder. I mean, seriously?

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and God bless!




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