Mock Fencing

I like swords. I do. And I have made quite a few wooden ones. But they were almost all broadsword-esque swords, and… Well, how do I say this? I have recently taken an interest in fencing? I guess that’s how you’d say it. But anyway, when I did, I realized that I suffered from a sore lack of “rapier-y” swords. I think if you have read any of my other posts, you know where this is going. That’s right! I made some for myself!
I started with a plywood sheet, and laid out my design on it.

Then, I sawed it out.

Next, I profiled the edge and beveled it, as well as rounding the corners of the handle, with a file and rasp.

Now came the hardest part: the hand guard. I started by drawing out a roughly 3″x3″ square:

Then I cut it out with a saw.



Unfortunately, the surface finish of the plywood that I used (after I had cut it) was, frankly, awful.

So, I took off a layer of plywood with a chisel.

Then I sanded it.

Then, I cut a rounded rectangle out of the centre and basically pounded the sword through it, then covered the blade (and later, the hand guard) with duct tape (and the handle with electrical tape).

Here’s a picture of the finished products:

Now, if you do this, here’s a tip: Don’t do anything I just did! Plywood is, honestly, a terrible material. Why? Here’s why:

If you hit it, it will break! So, what do you do? Use solid wood. Preferably soft woods, actually, because they’re lighter. Or, alternatively, ditch the wood entirely and use bamboo gardening stakes. In this picture, you can see the bamboo rapiers on the left, and the softwood sabres on the right.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the process for the bamboo ones, so here is the summary:
I first cut the bamboo rods to a completely arbitrary length. Then, I took a 1″ dowel and cut it to 5″. Next, I drilled a hole that matched the size of the bamboo stakes in the middle of the dowel. After that, I cut and shaped a circle out of solid wood and drilled a one inch hole through the centre, then shoved it onto the handle, hot-glued it in place, and wrapped the blade in duct tape and the handle in electrical tape.

IMG_1299 (1)IMG_1298IMG_1297

And I was done!

So, I hope you enjoyed, God bless, and I will see you (at least figuratively!) in the next post. Bye!


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