Workbench Pressing

I needed a workbench. Unfortunately, they are just too darn expensive. So I decided to make my own. My Dad made some shelves recently, and bought way too many 2×4’s, so I used them. I drew up this plan using measurements from my own bench:

 Then I got to work. I cut some 8 2×4’s to 31″ (slightly higher than my workbench) and glued and screwed them together, like this:


I made four of these and set them off to dry. Next, I started working on the top. I cut 2 2×4’s to 33″ (yes, I know I wrote thirty in the plans, but things change) and screwed them onto the legs, using a cut-off as a spacer.

  Then I cut 2 18″ pieces and screwed them onto the ends, then added the other side.

Here I’m cutting the plywood top (by the way, the only power tool I’m using in this build is a drill).

I realized at about this point that I had forgotten my cross-braces, so I cut 2 more 33″ and 2 18″ pieces and screwed them in place. The plywood pieces wouldn’t cover the whole top, so I just screwed them on to the top so that there was a there was a gap on the far side.

  Then I added some braces to the bottom of the plywood to prevent it from sagging, and I was done! img_0227-1img_0228-3

If you make this project, I would reccomend that you pick your 2×4’s carefully. If yours are warped (like mine), it will be very stressful for you. Also, use a square. It will go much better for you.

Anyway, hope you liked it, because that’s it for today, thanks and bye-bye.

(Oh, yeah, and happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy celebrating the torture and eventual martyring of an innocent man!)



4 thoughts on “Workbench Pressing

  1. Wow! I can’t believe that you would say something that rude about Valentines day… Your amazing.
    I hate Valentines day in the first place!! And it was about Torture of an innocent man! See you later!


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