Flamethrower Fun!

Ideas don’t get any better than this.

This is an idea I got when I was using my blowtorch and I noticed that when I blocked the air supply, the flame started to look like a flamethrower flame. This gave me the idea to modify a torch to give it the desired effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an old, worn out torch fitting… Then came the fateful day where I dropped my torch and broke it. It didn’t work for heating anymore, but it did work for what I will show you today.

I started by stripping all the plastic casing off the handle. Then I straightened the nozzle and blocked the air holes with duct tape, like so:


Then, I cut off a small piece of the nozzle (just a metal pipe), attached a length of vinyl tubing to the end of the nozzle, and stuck the small cutoff piece to the end, wrapping it in duct tape to prevent burns. Here’s the end product:

  And here’s the end of the tube. The duct taped part is the cutoff of the nozzle.
I also fudged the valve a bit to allow more gas to pass through, but I’m not going to show how (chisel).

The flame, as you can see, is thirteen to fourteen inches,  or “just longer than my ruler”.

And now you get to see what I did with it!

Not bad, hey?

Anyway, I would not reccomend doing this, but if you do, please send pictures!

God bless you all, and I will see you (at least figuratively) in the next post.


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