Glass Bottle Glasses?

Okay, everyone, today we’re playing with glass! More specifically, we’re going to be breaking it with fire!

It’s not as bad as it sounds. I got this idea from, you guessed it, YouTube! The idea is… Well, I’ll let you see.

I started with these basic supplies:

  Then, I cut a length of string to go around the bottle, and soaked it in alcohol.While this was soaking, I filled the bottle with propane from my blowtorch and set that on fire to warm it up. This was mainly an excuse to set things on fire.


My first try (and my second), didn’t work, so I brought out the big guns.

WD40, the machinist’s best friend, is also notoriously flammable. This is a point they stress on the package, so naturally I set it on fire from time to time. I sprayed my string with WD40 and set it going with my torch. After it burned out, I plunged it into my bucket of water.

… Great. So, what I think happened was that the heat was uneven, which lead to the bottle cracking unevenly. I tried to use sandpaper to get it smooth. Unfortunately, I am not a patient person, and I tried to use a file instead.
What with the sanding and the filing, the end product looked terrible. And by terrible, I mean “exactly like it did before, but shorter”.

The next one looked exactly like the last. So now I have two useless half finished glass cups in my shop. Suggestions as to how to use them would be appreciated.

God bless you all, and I will see you (at least figuratively!) in the next post.



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