More Knives. What else?

Alright, everyone! Today I have another project for you. Guess what it is!
Yeah, so anyway, I recently got a length of stainless steel at Reno Depot (the hardware store for you not-in-Canada people), as a sort of early Christmas present, and my first step was, naturally, to make a knife. Unfortunately, I don’t know what kind of stainless it is, so I can’t really say how the blade will turn out, but I’ll just have to take my chances. With that said, on with the project!

I started out by laying out the design on my steel, then parting off, like so:

Now, unfortunately, there was no way out of manual labour with the tools I have. There’s no way out of it, I just had to use that old elbow grease… and cut the whole thing out by hand.


Surprisingly, it only took 20-30 minutes of hard work to get it to the shape in the second picture. Next, I filed it to final dimensions with my trusty and well-worn files, as seen here:

Now comes the fun part: beveling! I used a filing jig designed by Aaron Gough to bevel the blank. this step is crucial, as it is what turns a piece of steel into a working knife.

I start by marking the edge with a sharpie. Then, I use a drill bit the same width as my steel (in this case, 1/8″) to score a line down the centre of the edge.


Having bevelled all my knives in the past freehand, you don’t know how good it feels to have a perfectly flat edge!

And now, prepare to see how “More haste, less speed” and “Act in haste, repent at leisure, and often in pain” apply to the shop. in trying to change the surface finish, I took off too much metal. on thing lead to another, and, well this is what happened:photo (1) So…yeah.

After that incident, I think you can excuse me for running out of the shop screaming. I sort of gave up on the project after that (for a day), but I have resumed, and will post my next post when I have finished it.

Stay with me then, and I will see you (at least figuratively!) in the next post.



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